Pedestrian Creaming

coulda been pushin up daisies

Today on my way back to the office, I very closely avoided a horrific accident. I was sitting at the traffic lights on the corner of Oak and Cloverdale. I was facing north, but the cross traffic had the green, so I was sitting at the stop line. On Cloverdale, waiting to turn South onto Oak St, was a large truck with a big trailer.

My light went green, and I scanned the intersection. Noone was trying to beat the yellow so I started to go. On my side of the road, heading south a pedestrian started crossing the road.

As I started to pass the truck with the big trailer, I see the streak of a new silver bug come flying towards the intersection. I see her narrowly miss the pedestrian, and then proceeded into the intersection AGAINST THE RED! I slammed on the brakes as hard as I could, hit the horn (which only beeped a little), and avoided creaming the bug. I looked up and sure enough the chick in the bug had a red. She plowed through a full red (and it had been red for quite a long time), missed a pedestrian, and missed me.

Luckily for bug lady my oncoming traffic that was turning left hadn’t pulled out into the intersection.

It was a very close call for many parties. The scary part is I don’t think bug lady knew what she did. She gets her licence revoked!