Terminal Thinking

pretty dim dude

Friday night was a bit of a fiasco. Sue and I thought we would be getting to the ferry terminal with plenty of time, but reality sunk when we got close to the terminal. There were lots of cars there, and it didn’t look good for us.

The 5 pm ferry arrived late (about 45 minutes late), and they started loading. Eventually they started loading our lane. The workers took about 5 cars from our lane before the ferry was full. Darn. :grr:

As our line was scrunching up, the minivan parked in front of me wasn’t moving because some guy in his Tercel in front of him wasn’t moving. He was asleep, or in getting food or something.

The jackass behind me pulls out gets all impatient, honks a couple times (I guessed he was in a hurry), so he pulls out, drives around me, past 2 cars in front, then pulls back in line! :jawdrop: :wtf:

The line didn’t move anymore! The line couldn’t move anymore! The ferry was pulling away.

I was livid. What the hell was he thinking? Was he in that much of a hurry? All he gained was 3 car lengths. Was he not looking at what was going on? :grr: Even now when I think about it I get steamed. I revoke his licence. Plain and simple. If someone is that impatient, what is the next step. “Well I do have a red light, but I think I see a break in the cars. maybe I should go for it.” Loser.

According to me there are certain rules in parking lots that everyone must follow. Especially at the ferries terminal. Fifo jackass. Learn it, live it, love it.

end of rant