Bewtiful Biznez

Yoshi running towards the camera

last nit greg took me to the park. it was a really nice warm night and there was a bewtiful sunset. greg wanted to take pictures, but when i saw his camura i had the urge to do my biznez. greg sed he missed the lite. i was sad abowt that, but i felt better afterwordz.

sunset in Victoria

i ran with lots of dawgs and had lotz of fun. it was a reely warm nite too. there wuz lots of other dawgz there. i didn’t lik the greyhound though. he was meen and chasd me.

sunset in Victoria

there wuz lots of yung pups too. leo was 12 weeks and had bigger pawz than me!

sunset in Victoria

after the walk i decided to go for a quik dip in the oceun. greg wuzn’t happy when i did this, but it felt guud. the walk home was a little chilly, but i got a reely good rub down before dinnur.

wut a great day.