Dabbed Motivation

shane riding on a log

Yesterday was a great ride. Myself, Sean, Shane, Darryll, Abby and Yoshi were out for a slippery, slimy, wet day at the dump.

It was awesome. I had a great ride. I felt strong most of the day. My training must be doing some good since climbing wasn’t as painful and difficult as it usually is 😉

I also cleaned a couple logs ride I hadn’t done before.

Our route had us bypassing Skull on the way up due to trail maintenance. Instead we took Pooh bear corner which has a long steep loose section that usually gives me trouble. I made that one with no dabs!

Next up we went down Inventive. I had tried the log on Inventive several times before, but today I made it on my second attempt. I quit then and there 🙂 I didn’t want to jinx myself. I watched Shaners, Seaners and Darryll ride it though.

Past C-section, we rode up to the Switchbacks. Here I usually make the decision to do the push up beside the switchbacks. Yesterday I actually rode up!

Darryll blasting up the switchbacks

I was slow and dabbed lots, but I got to the top. In fact I was glad I did. My motivation to ride is returning more and more. I used to love climbing hills, and lately I only seem to do it out of necessity. Perhaps that is changing.

It was spooky misty out yesterday, but that just added to my enjoyment of the ride.

spooky misty trails

At the top of the switchbacks we rested a bit before tackling the latest log ride at the dump. It is a beaut though. Long, with kinks, but only a few inches off the ground. In retrospect it might be easier if it was higher off the ground. With no consequences it is extremely easy to just bail off the side when my balance gets a little off. If it were higher, I think that would help me concentrate and ride a straighter line. Anyway, here are the guys on the log.

Shane on the log

Sean on the log

Sean on the log

We then headed up to Twister and rode that trail with aplomb. Tight, twisty, rooty, puddly, fun. I hadn’t been on that trail in forever it seemed like. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Up to Snakes and Ladders for our main descent. The four of us (and the dogs too), blasted that quite quickly. We ended the ride by zipping down a trail next to Y2J (I don’t think I know that trails name). Back on the fire road we found Skull was still closed, so I showed the guys another trail just a little further down the road.

This trail has a nice 8 foot drop that I had seen Mike ride many times. I knew Shane would like it. The rest of the group watched while Shane did the drop. Then we watched as Shane did the drop again, and crashed this time 🙂

Flying Shane

Crashed Shane

For me it was a great ride. It was a confirmation that my work on the road bike is starting to pay off. The ride was good, and so was the comraderie!

Oh, and I got my laces muddy too! 😀