Referrer Thoughts

sprayer for pesticide

This is such a geek moment. If you can’t appreciate such a thing, you may not want to continue reading 😉 I was scrolling through my external referrer logs today, and came across three entries that just stood out like a sore thumb. They weren’t search engines, they weren’t friends’ sites, they had nothing to do with anything I have ever written about. They appeared to be porn sites. Why in the world would a porn site be in my referrer log. Then it dawned on me. A new form of spam!

Many people (most of them Moveable Typers) have complained about comment spam recently. Bots have been created that crawl the web and insert spammy comments on Moveable Type blogs. I haven’t had any instances of this on my site (go Drupal), but I have had a few slimy and nasty comments that I have ended up deleting.

Is this referrer log strageness a new form of spam targeted at site admins? Could this have been created by bots that were unable to spam my blog comments? I dunno, but it was one of my funny thoughts for the day.