Shredder Blowout

garden behind a fence

Friday I stopped at Office Depot to pick up a paper shredder that was on sale. I happened to browse the PDA aisle, and found a couple deals I just couldn’t pass up. The first was an SD card based Merriam-Webster Crossword Puzzles and Word Challenges. Regularly this used to be $30 or more, it was on blowout for $2.04

The other was Handmarks version of Scrabble for the PalmOS. That one used to be $40, and now it was on sale for $6.01! Such great deals cannot be passed on.

The crossword one is great, but I had to return the Scrabble. The box I had purchased was empty! Very dissapointing. I guess someone had ripped off Office Depot in the past, and noone noticed. It wasn’t a big deal getting my money back, but it was quite a shock when I opened the box!