Downhill BBQ

lush forrest

Yesterday Sean, Darryll, and myself had a nice spin at the dump. We started off with Mark and Stephen, but they had to peel off pretty early due to time commitments.



The three remaining riders took it easy on the way to the top of Green Ribbon. From there we blasted down Green Ribbon to Rolly Ridge, back up, then down Y2J, and Skull back to the lot.

Seaners launching on Green Ribbon

Personally I had a great ride. I was feeling pretty confident, I had loads of energy, and heaps of motivation to use that energy when going uphill. The confidence was a big hit with me when the trails was heading downhill. For me this ride was the reason I love mountain biking. I was in a zen space where I felt I could do almost anything I wanted to (on my bike). I was killing the DH, and slaying the UH. It was all good. It is that kind of magic that I am always trying to attain.

This ride left me wondering what was so special about it? Did I eat differently in the morning? Did I warm up differently? Am I in better overall shape than previous rides? Why was this ride so special, and how can I recreate it?

I don’t think I will ever know the answer, but I sure enjoyed the feeling.

To top off the ride, as I was pedalling into the parking lot, I could smell a BBQ going. I assumed someone down the road was having a good lunch. Boy was I wrong! There were two guysin the parking lot cooking up hot dogs for anyone who wanted one! They also had ice cold drinks to go with the dogs. Holy smokes. Who were these guys?

They work for Mac’s Cycle Centre here in Victoria. Their boss closed the shop for the day, and sent these two lads to the parking lot to cook dogs for hungry cyclists. These guys were getting paid to sit in the lot, BBQ, listen to music, and talk with like minded folks. Props to Mac’s! I will check them out the next time I am looking for parts. I haven’t been there in a while, but the next time I go in, I will definitely mention the BBQ. Excellent idea for advertising.