Tacky Recreations

my ride

Today was another spectacular day of riding out at the dump. Myself, Darryll, Sean, Shane, Art, Yoshi, and Abby hit the trails for an awesome tour of the dump.

Yoshi was revved to get out there, so that was great. We hit up Inventive, then up to C-Section, up the Switchbacks, played on the log for a bit, then continued on up to Twister. After twisting around a bit, a few of us hit the Dirt Falls, then we zipped over to Lumpy Pants.

Shaners was going to do the drop on the trail, so I pulled out the camera to get an action shot. While I was waiting for Shane to get setup again, I noticed Yoshi was acting very strange again. If you remember from last time Yoshi took off on me, and got lost.

There is something about that section of trail that he doesn’t like. Maybe it smells funny to him, maybe there it is haunted, I don’t know. I told the guys to take as long as they wanted, and I took Yoshi to the end of the trail, and waited for them. Yoshi was fine there, so I am still not sure what he doesn’t like there.

We then headed down to Who’s Yer Daddy, then zipped down to Skull and back to the cars.

Wicked ride. The trails were very tacky, and there wasn’t any dust yet. I am sure that in a few weeks it will be a horrible dust bowl, so I will enjoy now while I can!

Also, there weren’t any recreations of last weeks crash, and that made me happy. 😉

We stopped off for coffee afterwards, which for me was very enjoyable. I have one more post to do, then I am off to play Downhill Domination.