Rainy Highlight

vine trying to grow

The photoclub has been a little quiet lately, and that has been my fault. The last shoot was at Craigflower park, and after arriving, I was less that inspired. I didn’t really feel like taking pictures, so we all agreed to call it quits early.

Two weeks ago was supposed to be the last shoot, but I was on Hornby, and neglected to set something up for the rest of the gang.

Tonight was the latest shoot. It was rainy all day long, and it wasn’t looking good. When I got home I noticed the sun was trying to come out, and sure enough it did. The shoot was at Esquimalt Memorial Park, and when I got to the park, only Barry showed up after me. That was alright though, I think I got some nice shots. I love photos of freshly fallen rain. It is extra nice when the sun is out to highlight the rain.

Here are my shots.