Endangering Ontario

Most of my stories here revolve around the moronic things I see in the drivers around me on the streets of Victoria. This is no exception.

While driving along Esquimalt Ave on my way to Thrifty’s tonight I ran across yet another moron endangering peoples lives.

I approached a section of road where the lane is very wide. It is wide enough for two cars, but it is a residential area, so the right side is generally for parking. I see this van coming up behind me and moving over to the right. I figured he would be turning right at the next intesection. Passing through it, I can see that he is not slowing to turn.

I then think to myself, maybe he is going to park soon. As he passes me, I can see he isn’t. He passes one more van in front of me (everyone but this yahoo from Ontario is doing 50 km/h) then guns it and speeds up. He passes one more vehicle, then cuts them off (there was a car parked in the way on the right). He then has to slow down due to other traffic in front of him.

In the end the moron from Ontario ended up in the Thrifty’s parking lot. I managed to park, and get out of my car before dippy had even found a parking spot.