Sandwiched Hindrance

lock em away for good

Tuesday, while walking back to work from my car after lunch, I saw the after effects of a fender bender.

A Toyota truck was pulling out from the curb. Sandwiched into the driver side front tire was a Subaru Outback (or some similar car). Looks like either the pickup driver didn’t look for traffic, or the Subaru didn’t stop for the truck pulling out.

The thing that makes them morons is that they left their vehicles like that, blocking the entire lane in the middle of downtown Victoria, while tourist season is starting to pick up. Traffic was starting to pile up, yet the drivers were just standing there looking at the vehicles.

I took a peek as I walked by, and could see some sheet metal damage, but no obvious hindrance to the driveability of either vehicle. Why not get the hell out of the way?

Stupid, stupid, stupid.