Meandering Sweat

3 rides in 3 days. Now that is something I haven’t done in quite a long time. Yoshi, myself, and a co-worker headed out for a spin.

The first real climb up Regional Trail was a little difficult. My legs were feeling a little tired, but they quickly warmed up. We went all the way up Regional to Old Payoff. Then it was up to South Ridge. Following that we next took Fun Trail. We then took a meandering route along the lower trails, then headed back toward the truck.

A couple hours later, and a lot of sweat and the ride was complete.

The ride was great for a number of reasons. We treated it as a training ride, so we rarely stopped, but if we did, it was just long enough to catch our breath, or stretch out the aching muscles. I climbed almost everything I tried, and made all the descents feel super smooth, even on the hardtail. The trail conditions were absolutely stellar, although some of the roots and rock faces were a tich slippery due to the rain earlier today.

I can tell already that I am going to need to get a big ring back on this bike. It won’t be long until I am spinning out my highest. I feel like my training for the 24 Hours of Whistler is going pretty well so far, and there is still lots of time before the race.

On the way home I called home to see what Sue was up to. Turned out dinner was almost ready. Good timing. Mmm, Sweet N Sour Cashew Chicken. That hit the spot. Follow that up with the post ride shower, and I am feeling rather awesome right now.