Batman Hallucination

Just got home from seeing Batman Begins. Jim got tickets to a sneak preview thing, so we headed up there to see it. I had heard the movie was going to be quite a bit different theme-wise compared to the older ones. It certainly was. This movie gripped me from the beginning until the end. I was tense throughout most of the movie. The action scenes were well done, and really not over the top. The plot flowed nicely, and as some reviews have noted, the hallucination scenes were extremely well done.

I liked the little touches (the explanation as to why he created ears on his cowl) that really helped me suspend disbelief. The background info on how batman came to be with all his toys and fighting skills was also covered, and again, was very well done.

In short, I loved this movie. I want to go see it again. Our seats were pretty close to the screen, so I missed some of the dialog, and the action. I just want to see it again. I don’t say that about too many movies.