Ram Locals

bow down before their greatness

Well, yesterday was a bit of a weird day. Sox was participating in the Qualicum Beach Triathlon this year. We had to head to Qualicum yesterday so she could do her bike and helmet check. We decided to stop at Pacific Brim, a coffee shop in Parksville, for lunch. After ordering we waited at our table outside. While waiting, a Ram pickup pulled up with 6 guys in it. On of them jumped out and went into the coffee shop, the rest stayed in the truck.

I noticed a mountain bike in the back of the truck, so I checked out the people in the truck. I couldn’t really see the three in the back seat, but I recognized the two in the front seat. The driver was Darren Berrecloth, and the other guy was Jordie Lunn, two Island locals who have made it big in the mountain biking circles. Cool, though I would have appreciated it if they had shut off the truck while they waited.