24 Hours of Adrenaline – Lap 2

Lap 2 is done now, I have showered, eaten, and feel better. No problems on the lap, but I did end up walking most of the big uphill before the finish. My legs felt like they had no power in them at all. Rather strange actually.

Right after I handed off the baton to Mike, my left leg cramped up right in my thigh, close to the knee. Very strange. I’m not normally the cramping kind. Also I was starving before the end of my lap.

So far today I had consumed 2 powerades, 2 cliff bars, 2 large sandwiches, a muffin, some fruit, some nuts, and a bagel with peanut butter and banana. I have only done two laps.

As I write this it is quite dark outside, so my next lap will be with lights. I’m going to try and get a little sleep before my next lap. My clothes are in the washer, and Sox will get them in the dryer for me too.

Not sure if I wil recap lap 3 when I complete it. I probably won’t start it until 11:30 or so. At least the rain seems to have let up. The forecast was for 2-4 mm, but it pretty much rained non stop for 4 hours. Yeesh.