24 Hours of Adrenaline – Lap 4

Lap 4 is down, and I am done for the race I think. It was my best lap too. Somewhere around 1:10 I think. Maybe even my fastest lap, not sure. No problems with the course, although it did feel very slow. The mud was thick and deep. It had the consistency of wet cement in many places. I got lots of mud in my eyes too.

Getting out of bed for this lap was pretty difficult too. I got to bed right after my last post, and had my alarm set for 6:15. Yeesh. Not very much sleep.

My nutrition and hydration throughout the race had been pretty good I think. Each lap my legs have felt pretty fresh and strong. Overall I am very, very happy with my performance in the race. I wished I could have done a sub hour lap, but with all the rain, I don’t think that would have been possible.

Now that I am dry and clean, I think I will make my way to the start finish line to watch the end of the race.