Gripping Badness

Keifer props up the show

One of the shows I like to watch is 24. Every season the story is so gripping, I can’t escape it. If I should happen to miss an episode, there is always the online story guide that gives enough detail that I can get by.

Yet, nearly every episode I watch something happens that I have difficulty watching. Sometimes it is the horible acting. The blank looks on a character that seems to go on forever. Sometimes it is the pathetic and useless sub plot that goes nowhere. Remember Kim getting caught in a cougar trap? Sometimes it is just the extraneous characters that don’t add anything to the show.

Despite the badness, the show is still gripping. The story is so good, and Keifer Sutherland definitely carries the show with his acting skill. The funny part is near the end of every episode I know there is going to be a cliff hanger twist. As this twist approaches, I am always trying to guess what it will be. I never get it right.

A couple season’s ago Sox and I got a couple episodes behind near the beginning of the season. We ended up taping pretty much every single episode. I grew to love the count down timer that indicated the show was about to being. I grew to love being able to fast forward through the commercials. I was so used to that, I will still occasionally reach for the VCR remote when the commercial break starts.