Mountain Fluids

Last night after work I went for a mountain bike ride with some co-workers. Great ride. I took the Bullit out to get some quality time in the saddle for the race. I haven’t been on the Bullit much lately, so I wanted to make sure I was comfortable on the bike before the race this weekend.

Mission accomplised. I felt really good. Maybe the riding to work is paying off little by little. My legs felt really strong, and my balance was good. I practiced short downhill sprinting sections, braking and leaning into corners, tight twisties at speed, and the occasional jump. I also rode with the saddle lower than normal to get used to that too.

I feel pretty good about the race, and it is still 2 days away. Tomorrow I will actually get out onto the course for a bit of practice there. There are a couple sections I don’t ride very often so I need to work the kinks out there. Also, the last DH race at the dump had a couple loops on Snakes and Ladders cut out. Not sure if they will be doing that again.

I do need to do a bit of work on the bullit today. Top up the fork fluids (bottomed out a few times yesterday), clean and lube everything up, and add a big ring. I will need that for the race. I may also need a fender. As of right now 80% chance of light rain for Sunday. I hate waiting at the top of the course in the rain. You get cold and wet. Shitty way to start a race where you go balls out, fast as you can down technical and challenging trails.