Shuttle Mother

The Duncan stop of the Island Cup DH series is this weekend, and I am not as jazzed about the race as I should be. For one, noone else I know is doing the race. I was super pumped about this race since it is such a long course, but it would be way more fun for me if there was someone else I knew there. Someone to talk with. Boohoo eh?

The other thing I learned is that there are no shuttle on practice day (today). Suxor. My plan is to ride the entire course once today, but repeat sections. Upside is Darryll is coming out to ride today, so that should be fun. If we take both cars there is a chance we could do a couple complete runs down the course.

Top it off, race day is on Mothers Day, and even though Sox is away this weekend, that kinda sucks that I am out of town on Mom’s day.

I’m sure the race itself will be fine. I know that Sunday I will get one pre-run, and my race run. I’m really not as pumped about this race as I should be. That may change though. At least the weather is supposed to be nice.