Steamed Ordering

Little story to tell about why I sometimes detest shopping online.

I am in the market for some new leg armour for mountain biking. I went to the Troy Lee Designs website saw they had some you could buy, so proceeded through the checkout. I gave my billing address, and the mailing address (both in Canada, and Canada was in a drop down), and submitted my order. I was thinking great, these should be here in a week or so, and I will be happy.

I got an email today that my order has been cancelled and that I was to contact some distributor in Canada and was provided with a 780 area code phone number. I was also directed to consult their “ordering policy regarding International Orders”.

I was getting steamed, so I went back to the main site, hunted around a bit, and eventually found what the customer service rep was referring to.


You can place an order with a Troy Lee Designs distributor in your country. To locate a distributor in your country, go to the and click on the dealer link.

In a follow up email I was told

We refer you to a distributor in your area to save you a lot of money
in shipping charges.

This is complete bullshit.

First off, if I want to order from them and pay a little more for shipping, then why do they care? The armour was priced at $18 USD, and shipping was $6USD. Tack on some kind of brokerage fee for the border, and it is still cheaper than what I can buy locally.

Second, 780 is the Edmonton area. Not what I would call local. Why would I call some stranger and order something over the phone and give my credit card. That just screams for identity theft.

Third, why did their shopping cart checkout software let me complete the transaction if there was no way they were willing to honour it? They knew I wanted it shipped to Canada (I chose that from a drop down remember), and apparently they don’t want to ship to their Canadian customers, so why not put up a screen saying that, and provide a link to the policy on International Ordering?

If they can’t do this simple customer courtesy, then what will they do if I have a problem with a product? “Oh, you’re in Canada, we don’t want to deal with you.”

I’m pissed because I am missing out on a good deal for leg armour, and they wasted my time by using a crappy, misleading piece of checkout software. I really like my current set of TLD leg armour, but with service like this, why should I buy from them again?