Reverse Traffic

I had to go downtown today at lunch to get something from my old workplace. I found a parking spot on a one way street that I wanted, so I pulled to the side with my blinker on, and put my truck into reverse. There was a car coming, but he was half a block away.

Some clueless pea brain then pulls right up on my bumper and waits for me move. Hmm. I know that when I drive, and I see someone with their reverse lights on, their blinker on, and they are next to an empty parking spot, I assume thay are going to park in that spot. Pea brain didn’t. It turned into a waiting game which I eventually won! Dim bulb backed up enough so that when I went to park, I had about 6 inches to spare on either side of my vehicle.

Of course I screwed up and bumped the curb. I paused for a bit for traffic to pass, but this numbskull was just sitting there. I waved him past me, and sloooowly he inched past. Aaargh.

Is it really that hard to be aware of what people are doing around you while you drive? Shouldn’t we all be trying to anticipate what people will and will not do? Is common sense and courtesy really dead? Just think while you are behind the wheel. It’s not that difficult.