Workout HRM

longing for blue sky

I was on the trainer again today. I was originally going to go for a mountain bike ride, but I really wasn’t feeling into it today. It is a little chilly outside, and the weather was looking a little spotty. Not sure why I am such a woos these days, but there I am.

I popped in the latest Kranked DVD, turned up the sound, and started pedalling. I bumped up my pedalling time a few minutes over last workout which meant I went the length of the DVD. Next time I might need to find a longer show.

I also replaced the battery in my HRM before starting, which meant I was better able to watch my heart rate, and was able to prevent myself from slacking too much. When I get into a rythm, it is very ease to slowly back off the effort without realizing it. When I notice my heart rate has dropped 10 bpm, then I know to pick up the pace a bit.

I worked up a great sweat today, and now I am replenishing my lost fluids.