Sensor Climbing

Got out on the trails for a ride today.  Training for Canmore is hard!  Add in that I was pretty forgetful today, and you get a weird ride.

Two blocks from home I remembered that I forgot the HRM strap, which is the sensor.  I had move the receiver over to my mountain bike, but without the sensor things are just useless.  I decided not to return home for it.

Once at the trailhead, I noticed that I was the only vehicle in the parking lot.  Weird.  It was 8:30 or so, but still, I expected to see at least another car out there.

I geared up and headed out.  It was a little chilly, but I knew I would warm up soon enough.  about 2 minutes from the truck I remembered that I left my camera in the truck.  Damn.

I took a route that had lots of climbing which was what I had planned.  If I had a working HRM this would have been fine.  Instead I pushed too hard, and got my heart rate too high.  The forced me to stop more than once to recuperate before I threw up.  Not a good feeling to stop riding, and feel nauseous, and dizzy from lack of O2.

I quite enjoyed the fresh cool air, and had a fun ride.  It was just over an hour long too.