Ride Gathered

Sunday morning is ride morning. This morning was beautiful out. Warm, sunny, and no breeze.

And yet I had no inclination to get out and ride. I wasn’t feeling into it. I used Sox’s old trick of just getting out for half an hour, and see how I feel.

I hadn’t drank enough water yesterday and today, and my breakfast wasn’t great for a ride, but I gathered my gear, and headed out with a route in mind. I actually added the out and back on the fly since I wasn’t feeling too bad and thought I should push myself a little.

According to the map maker this route was almost 24 km, and apparently I burned 2123 calories in the hour that I was out. That seems high.

I’m glad I did go outside and ride, since it was nice to feel the sun, but I could have used slightly warmer clothing. Now I have eaten, and showered, and am waiting for Sprout to wake up so we can play.