Fathers Day Note 2007

Today is Fathers Day, and like last year I am reflecting on the past year with Sprout. My first reaction is where does the time go? Was it really a year already? 2 years ago we learned we were expecting?

Astonishment aside, being a dad is one of the best things I have done in my life. It is incredibly rewarding in the simplest of ways. Watching Sprout learn and grow, helping shape the course of his life, teaching him new games, tricks, jokes, and skills, and participating in his triumphs and achievements. Truth be told, the difficult parts (like refusals to get into seats, or the tantrums of a tired/hungry boy) are something to learn from as well.

I spend hours watching him play (not playing with him). I love to see how he plays, and how his mind works. While horsing around with him I can get him laughing the deepest belly laugh he can muster. His smile and laughter brighten my darkest mood. When I am with Sox and Sprout, I rarely think about work. I love cuddling with him first thing in the morning, and having him curl up into me at night while I sing to him before bed. Meal time with Sprout is always fun too (except when he starts throwing food directly at me).

I love being a dad. I love my wife, my son, and my family. Fathers day is perfect for reflecting on all of this.