Lost Weekend

I got an email from the Canmore organizers recently:

I just returned form a venue trip a week ago. The Canmore Nordic Centre continues its refurbishment project, with the main lodge under construction. We will again be staging the event in the biathlon area. The Food & Beverage and Washrooms, plus showers from the main lodge will be lost for this year. The good news it that the new lodge is much bigger and will add to events in the future. Good news… the Food & Beverage folks will be setting up down in the biathlon area. Additional washrooms are being brought in to off set the loss of the main lodge.

I am definitely glad I bailed. No showers at all, temporary food setup, porta-johns for the whole weekend? I’ve also heard of potential floods in the area, meaning the trails are probably pretty saturated right now.

That just doesn’t sounds like an awesome time to me.