Rockland Bicycles

Bike to work week is done, and my office managed 100% participation for the whole week. I think that is pretty good for a crew of 13 people. Over the week I modified my route to and from work looking for a more optimal route. I managed to find some good ones out there. Rockland is a fun road to cycle on.

My distance totals are:
Mon: 16 Km
Tues: 17.5 Km
Weds: 18.5 Km
Thurs: 19 Km
Fri: 22 Km
Total: 93 Km

As Jen pointed out newbie cyclists can be a bit of a hazard for vehicles. I know I saw many scary scenarios out there. Things that scared me while riding this week were:

  1. People on those electric bikes that are technically bicycles, but look more like scooters. Most people I have seen drive these things erratically so that nobody knows how to deal with them. I hate these things and think they should be banned from existance.
  2. People opening car doors. This happend at least three times this week where someone was getting into their vehicle and looked down the street to check for traffic, then opened their door right in front of me. Hello? Maybe wait the extra .5 seconds for me to pass safely?
  3. motorcycles. I had at least 2 motorcycles come up right beside me then roar off from the light. Yeah, thanks! Also, to the guy who tried to peel off the line, but actually stalled instead: you rock! 🙂 I hope that your restart followed by mashing the gas and nearly hitting me made up for how inadewuate you are.
  4. 4 way stoppers not following the rules. I know people are trying to be nice to cyclists, but come one. Make eye contact and don’t sit there waiting for me to go. I won’t.
  5. pedestrians not looking for cars or cyclists when crossing side streets. I saw one lady almost get clipped by a car turning right because she didn’t look and practically stepped out in front of it.
  6. trying to overtake me on a sharp downhill corner. To the fucker this morning that tried to pass me as we were approaching the train overpass before the Johnson St bridge: you are a complete moron. The speed limit is 30 Km/H. I was doing 40 Km/H, and you were trying to pass me? What for? So you can get in line on the bridge? Use your head.