The Final Day

Day 8 – Saturday November 10

The final day. So sad. We needed to hit the beach one last time. Sprout had such a great time playing in the sand, and in the surf. He would get his little feet wet, then run away when a wave came by. It was pretty cute to watch.

This day I was finally able to get him into the water. I did the Grand ol Dukes of York song from swimming classes and tossed him pretty high up in the air. He kept saying “again, again”. So much fun.

When beach time was finished, it was time to head back and pack up. The vacation was winding down, but the traveling home was just starting. I relaxed a little while Sprout napped, while Sox, mom, and my sister went and did a little last minute shopping. When Sprout was up, we got busy packing, and that was when my sister discovered that she had too much weight in her bag. It was off to the mall for her and I so she could buy a new bag.

We were at Macy’s and while leaving the store after she bought the bag, I spotted a digital picture frame. I almost caved. I have wanted one for such a long time, and it was so tempting. It was a 9″ Pandigital on sale for $180 USD. I still regret not grabbing one. 🙁

The flight home was long. It started late, went all night, and was very tiring. Sprout only slept about 2.5 hours of the flight, and was awake for the rest of the night. He only gor upset once on the flight, and he was pretty loud but who could blame him. Back in Vancouver we retrieved our car from the park and fly, then headed for the ferry. We missed the 7, but got there in plenty of time for the 9. We were all zombies on the ferry, but it quickly passed and soon we were back in our own home. I was a great feeling to be there.

We said goodbye to my mom and sister, then got settled back into home. A friend of Sox’s house sat for us. As I poked in the fridge to see what food we had so I could go do a little shop for dinner, I found the our house sitter had left us a dinner that all we had to do was heat and eat. Such a wonderful thing to come home to.

And this ends the Maui vacation.