Mountain Rain

I was feeling like mountain biking this week, and after sending some email, I got a couple other people interested in going today too.

When I got up this morning, it wasn’t looking all that nice out. This was unfortunate, but since there were other people coming, and I really, needed some activity, I gathered my gear and headed out to the dump where it was raining pretty good.

Nobody showed :0 Not fair.

Since I was geared up, and already out there I decided to take a small spin and see how that went. I wasn’t looking forward to riding alone in the rain. Its not so bad if you have someone to talk to, but taking a break while getting soaked pretty much sucks.

I climbed a few hills, and passed a few other groups of riders out there. I mainly stuck to the lower trails to avoid anything too technical. I was wearing my armour, and my full face helmet, but I still wanted to avoid injury.

I stopped in a clearing right before a stream crossing, and contemplated what I was doing. I wasn’t having much fun, I wasn’t even remotely enjoying the ride, but I was getting exercise. I bailed on the next set of trails, and made my way back to the truck. I was a little disappointed, partly in myself.

I do need to get back into a regular exercise routine. That was pretty evident today.

I had some errands to run along the way home, and I grabbed some lunch along the way. Once home I realized I was disappointed, but I was still glad to have gotten out there.