Adventure Trailer

Sunday was day 2 of my extended vacation and Sprout and I had a grand adventure. Sox and Beet were off visiting a friend, and we wanted to head down to the petting zoo. The big hurdle was that Sox had taken the car, but the solution was to ride a bike.

Sprout was pretty eager to get in the trailer and head down there. It was a lot of fun, and good workout too. Nothing like towing over 45 pounds up a hill on a bike.

The ride there was very uneventful. Once I got there my plan was to lock the trailer to the bike. This was complicated by the fact that we had brought too much stuff to carry by hand (extra clothes for he and I, snacks, non biking shoes for me, toys). I was going to just push the strollerized trailer until I remembered that I hadn’t brought the front wheel with me. Actually I left it at home on purpose. Not sure where my head was.

Sprout had fun at the zoo with his buddy, and when it was time to leave he hopped right back into the trailer. During the ride home he sat quietly and ate his snack. At one point I could hear him telling me something so I pulled over and stopped. He was pointing out a parked car 🙂

I really enjoyed this outing with my son, and look forward to many more.