Header Crisp

The first double header is over and I survived pretty well I think.

The first game was a lot of fun. The other team played very well and there were a lot of very long points. I was handling very well. Throws were crisp and precise and very few didn’t end up at their intended location. My energy level felt awesome and I kept up a very good activity level. There was only 1 sub so I didn’t sit off very many points. In the end we lost 13-2. 🙁 Still, I really enjoyed playing with the other team.

Since the game was over quickly we had a big break.

A big break that allowed us to cool down.

And we lost our sub due to an injury.

Second game started and the other team was immediately over powering us. We seemed lethargic and couldn’t get our act together. Throws were nowhere near their mark, and they zoned us pretty effectively. It was frustrating, and not at all enjoyable. Eventually they stopped zoning us, perhaps out of pity. It didn’t help and our playing never got better. We lost that game 13-0 🙁

It was pointed out after the game that just have a big problem finishing points. We can march the disk up the field no problem, but we just can’t get it caught in the end zone.

Next week is another double header. We’ll see how we do. After that is the playoffs.