Windy Pressure

Played my first Fall Ulti game tonight. We lost. We lost bad. It was fun to get out there and run around again. A couple people on my team are from my summer league team, but other than that they are all new people. I think it is great to play with new people. You learn new strategies, pick up new plays, and have lots of fun.

It was a little windy out there tonight, so the zone was on us quite a bit. We did a great job of marching it up the field, but several times we would throw it away right at the end zone.

I felt like I played pretty well, making few mistakes. I was a handler for quite a bit, and I think I am starting to get really comfortable in that role. I’ve played enough now that I don’t feel pressure when I get the disk. Of course, sometimes I just wanna run, and really like popping, or stacking. Running felt good tonight, but it was pretty weird running on the artificial turf.

Coolest part of the game was hearing what I thought was a hawk screeching a lot. I soon learned it was an osprey, as it flew back with a fish in its talons. It landed on a light stand next to our field, after dropping a big crap on our field. It sat there eating its fish while we played on.