Discovered Passes

Ulti tonight was a ton of fun. I was the first person there, and quickly discovered that there were three guys and one woman. Noone else on our team showed. We managed to pick up two more guys and fielded a team of 6.

Our opponents were strong and plenty. They had several subs.

The game itself was pretty one sided. We had to zone them, and they got to go man with a floater. Still, we managed to score quickly and often. We were definitely the stronger team. We were able to complete our passes, break our checks, and make the catches we needed.

On the defense side we were effective. The 2 person cup was kept busy, the mids did their thing, and the lone long kept everyone moving. I was in the cup for a while, but then settled into a mid position. I was even fortunate to make a good defensive maneuver. I saw that a swing was about to happen, and managed to take a swipe at the disk and knock it down.

Heading to the game I was pretty tired. I didn’t sleep well last night and felt like I was running on fumes. Once the game started a switch was flipped. I was running strong and didn’t once think I was tired. I was doing well until I started to stitch up. I took it easy for a few points until that cleared.

I also made some good catches. There was one that I caught for a point that was fun. We caused a turn over and as we were setting up for the offensive, I saw someone checking me. Suddenly she turned away and I was left alone. There was noone between myself and the end zone. I took off, yelled that I was poached, and kept going. The disk was thrown perfectly. It traveled up the sideline, but just out of bounds. When it caught up to me I was able to reach out of bounds and haul it in.

Let’s see what happens next week.