Snow Racing

I’ve seen some bad snow driving lately. We don’t get much snow in Victoria, and for some reason that causes people to be totally mental when it comes to driving. Driving too fast, too close. Braking and turning hard.

In the past few days I’ve seen no less than 4 vehicles driving with chains. On nearly bare pavement!

I’ve seen people cut each other off. Pull out in front of other drivers causing hard braking.

I’ve seen u-turns in the middle of Oak Bay Ave in front of traffic, and I’ve seen people gun it out of snowy driveways to try and make a break in traffic.

I’ve had people turn into my lane as I was almost passed them, nearly hitting me, yet there was no traffic behind me.

What takes the cake was I saw 2 vehicles, a sedan and a pickup, street racing today while it was snowing hard and the snow was starting to stick to the road. They were going the opposite direction, and by the time they passed me they must have been doing close to 80 KM/H. It was enough to make my truck rock which is only something I feel when highway traffic passes me.