Aphro Sleeping

Dear Aphro:

You are a cat, and I am a human. When I am sleeping on the bed, I don’t mind if you want to curl up next to me. I actually like how warm you can make the bed feel.

What I do mind is you sleeping between my knees. Don’t do that. When I wake up it is hard to roll over with you there.

Plus, when I want you to move at 3 in the morning, I’d appreciate it if you just moved, then curled up again. I certainly don’t appreciate being hissed at while you give me the evil eye. I don’t like being smacked with claws, and I hate it when you scamper around the bed. It’s my bed and I am trying to sleep. I don’t care if it inconveniences you or upsets you.

This has been going on for too long. Keep it up and I may seriously entertain the idea of moving you to the basement.