Extra Experience

I was out playing poker with some friends late last night. There were five of us there. Two of them were definitely much better players than I, another I would peg at better than I, and the last guy I don’t think had played much.

I came home with an extra $1.20 after playing until 1:20 am. I was down to less than $5 when it was the final two. The guy I was playing against was the much better player, and I was figuring I would end up going home down $20.

I doubled up a couple times, and came out pretty happy.

I had a few good hands, and made a few good plays.

One play though I fluked out entirely. We were playing heads up, and I ended up with an Ace high flush. Pretty good hand for heads up. I never noticed what I had until after I had folded. My opponent had a full house. If I had seen the flush I would have pushed and I would have been busted. Good thing I was so tired 😉

It was fun though. I am going to start reading a bit about poker and strategy. I borrowed a book from a co-worker and will start there. I honestly have no strategy and really go with my gut instinct. So far this has treated me alright, but I want to do better. I want to learn (or learn to figure out) the strength of a hand, and the percentage chance of hitting with the hand. I know a big part of this is experience, but I will start with the book.