Approached Action

On the ride home from ulti tonight I was in a bike lane, and my spidey sense started tingling. Over my left shoulder a car appeared and pulled in front of me. As we approached a road their right turn blinker came on, the slowed, and started moving over.

Instantly I slammed on the brakes and watched as the car stopped as well. This driver was waiting for me to pass. If they couldn’t make the turn, then why start passing me? Just slow down a little, wait for me to go past the road, then make their turn.

I was fuming, and was contemplating saying something, then noticed the big N on the back of the car. I cut the person some slack, and they waved at me and made their turn.

In retrospect I shouldn’t have cut the slack. I should have pulled up beside them and explained why that was a dangerous thing to do, and explained the better course of action. Obviously the parent in the passenger seat didn’t know how to handle the situation any better. I could have informed two people with a few words.