Cold Zone

This morning before work I decided to check my weight before I started playing Ulti again. My goal of Ulti is to get regular exercise, but in the end I do hope to lose a little more weight. I was surprised to see that I was already down to 170 pounds.

The game tonight was a hard one for the first game of the season. It was cold. Very, very cold. I was wearing a biking jersey, two t-shirts, and my riding arm warmers. I was still cold.

It was also very windy tonight. The league we play in is recreational so there are a lot of new players. People who are still learning to throw, and people still learning to catch.

Playing on a cold windy night is rarely fun for veterans, but really sucks for newbies. Veterans of the sport know that when it is windy, zone coverage works really well. Newbies have a hard time understanding what they are supposed to do in the zone defense. Hell, I still have a hard time with zone.

So far I am glad that I signed up again. The game tonight was fun, and I played alright. I was a handler for portions of the night and when my hands were warm I was throwing decently.

For the first point of the game I was on the field and part of the cup.

I made a couple of good defensive moves that may have saved us from getting scored on. I even layed out for the disc at one point, but was unable to come up with the disc. That was unfortunate since it also resulted in me getting soaked. A later point we were on our endzone and the handler walking up with the disc told me to strike since he was going to huck. I took off breaking free of my check. When the disc was up in the air, the wind caught it, and it floated up pretty high and wide. At a full sprint I was looking up over my right shoulder to track the disc, and I did a pretty god job of reading it. Unfortunately the wind kept it aloft for a while and the defense was able to catch up to me and block me from making the catch. Too bad.

Our team looks good, and I am looking forward to getting to know them better.