Accomplish Huck

Ulti tonight was fun. I needed to get out and run, and I did accomplish that. I cupped a bit, handled bit, and made some decent cuts.

Something I need to work on is my memory. This is the first team I have played on that changes things so much between points. Positions, the force, man versus zone. Once the disc is in the air I seem to forget what was laid out. I’m lucky if I can remember who my check is. Once tonight I had the force totally backwards. That is bad for so many reasons.

My throwing and catching were good though. I had a few excellent throws to open players and I was proud of that.

We did a couple huck and zones due to the wind and I was part of a couple of them. I even managed to catch a point on one of them.

There was another endzone play after a huck where my teammate put the disc just out of my reach. Running my hardest I was just a couple steps too far away. Quite frustrating. In retrospect I wonder if I had laid out, maybe I could have got it. Who knows.

At the end of the game we were still down a couple points, so we chalked up another loss. One thing we can be proud of is that we scored an upwind point while being zoned.