Highlight This

As a parent this evening was not a highlight. I was grumpy and tired. I mostly wanted to be alone in a quiet place. Contrast that to our household. We had to tired and grumpy kids who were either crying, screaming, playing the drums, or playing with some other toy that made a loud noise and was getting on my nerves. Toss in a dog who was either in the kids way, or in my way. More than once I had to remind myself to calm down and chill out. Once I almost went outside to escape what felt like insanity.

I was not a happy camper as I made dinner, and thankfully Sox took the kids for a wagon ride. This allowed me to finish making dinner, and clean up a little. More importantly I was able to cool off a little bit, and my patience level was restored.

It was just the last few hours of the day that were hard. I don’t want this difficult time to ruin my memory of the day. I always knew there would be days like this.