Deadbolt Brilliant

When we moved last, one of the things we did after moving in was get a locksmith in to change all the locks. The main reason I wanted this done was I wanted a keyless deadbolt.

We picked out the Schlage Plymouth model in the satin nickel finish.

This thing is simply brilliant.

No worrying about locking ourselves out of the house, or getting locked out by the kids. When walking down for swimming lessons or to get groceries, there is one less thing to carry. No need to copy keys for guests, dog walker, house cleaners, family members, neighbours, etc. Simply program in a new code. When Sox goes for a run, or takes Yoshi for a walk, she can just go and I don’t need to leave a door unlocked for her.

It is easy to use, and the keys light up so you can see in the dark. The only fault I know of is that they key is hard to use in the deadbolt (you have to get a couple things lined up properly).

I love it and highly recommend it to anyone. I just noticed that Schlage even has their own twitter account.