Idiotic Guessing

I see lots of morons while I am out driving. The clueless people scare and incense me. The truly idiotic almost put me into a rage.

On Esquimalt Ave there is a lot of construction these days. Where Catherine St meets Esquimalt Ave we’ve gone from a 3 lane road with a left turn lane, down to two lanes using lots of traffic cones. The traffic heading into downtown must pass through the left turn lane, which alway trips the advanced left turn.

The other day the Esquimalt Ave traffic had a red light. Since I was heading downtown I knew our traffic would get the go ahead due to the advance arrow. Sure enough, light goes green and my lane of traffic starts to go.

But so does one lone car from the on coming traffic! Totally oblivious, the lady ran a red. She went because she saw the oncoming traffic go. Thankfully nobody was turning left. She was the clueless person.

The car behind her pulled up to the stop line, stopped, looked around, then ran the red. What? I’m guessing they thought the lights were broken? This was the truly idiotic. Again, thankfully nobody was turning left at the time.