Waste Store

Doggy waste bags (a.k.a. poop bags) that you buy from pet stores are insanely marked up. The last time we ran out of bags I picked up a box of 100 degradable plastics bag for $11.00 at PetSmart.

The bags I normally get are $2.65 for 100. And they are bigger. And they are easier to dispense. And they are degradable.

The problem is that the bags I normally get are sold at a store furnishing store (a place that sells things other stores need to run their business) and they are only open on weekdays. This is super frustrating when both Sox and I are working. Luckily these days I have a bit of free time so I can stock up on things like this.

Like a lot of things sold at specialty stores, the same item can usually be found for cheaper at a more generic store.