Direction Moronic

This morning I was driving Sox to work, and the kids to daycare. We were heading along Catherine St to Esquimalt Ave. A car pulled up to a stop sign on a side street. I watched as the driver looked to her right, then proceeded to go all the while talking to someone in the car. She never looked left, the direction I was heading from.

I hit the brakes, and hit the horn. Visibly she whipped her head over to my direction and looked shocked. Yet she never hit her brakes, nor slowed. Glad I scared her.

Later today I was near Mayfair mall and I was wanting to turn right. The car in front of me wanted to turn left desptire two signs saying right turn only from 7am to 6pm. I honked and he glanced in the rear view at me. I hinked again and pointed right, then pointed to the sign. He pointed that he wanted to go left.

I know you want to go left, but you aren’t supposed to buddy. It doesn’t take a moron to see what you want. If you want to go left against a sign and noone is behind you, then I personally have no problem, but to hold up traffic while you make an illegal turn is moronic.