Game Throws

Last night was the first game of the Ultimate Summer league. I met up with my team early and got to know some names. As we went around the circle we all said who we were and approximately how long we had been playing for.

Wow, our team has some experience. The least experienced person had played one season already. We didn’t have any complete newbies. Bonus.

The first game didn’t count towards the season, so we went out to have some fun. I am definitely not in shape for running, but I was amazed at how quickly my throws came back. Backhands, forehands, and even a hammer.

My cuts felt pretty strong and I didn’t really ever feel like I was in the wrong place so that was a bonus. I threw pretty well in the game even though I was never called on to be a handler. Previous seasons I was often a handler which meant I didn’t run as much as I wanted. Maybe this season will be different.

In the end our team even won the game which was a bonus. The team got along well, played well, and had fun. This looks to be a good season.

As a super bonus for me, when I was getting my cleats on I felt something in my right shoe. I pulled out my pair of riding glasses that I have been looking for. I thought I lost them when I was in Nelson last summer. Now I remember that at the end of the last summer league season I was wearing them. Woohoo!