Merging Moron

Driving a car is not that hard. Merging onto the highway is not that hard either, yet many people have issues with it. I don’t get it.

Highway traffic is driving fast. I don’t want to get hit by

a fast car, so I use the merge lane to closely match the traffic speed, then I can move over onto the highway.

Today I was getting onto the Island highway and there was a yellow sunfire in front of me. They weren’t going all that fast in the merge lane (around 50 KM/H), but then they caught up to someone. The front person was doing about 30 KM/H. Agonizing, and very dangerous.

The lead car did not speed up, and half moved over to the right, but then moved to the middle of the lane again (no signal of course). I checked the highway traffic and thankfully there wasn’t any so I dropped a gear and moved onto the highway passing both the yellow car and the slowpoke.

The yellow car followed me.

Turned out that the slowpoke was wanting to pull over to the side and help someone who was tyeing down some stuff in the back of their truck. Come one. Think a bit. Use your signals, and the the hell out of the way. That moron endangered several of us by being stupid.