Layout Universe

Last night was a double header for Ultimate. We needed to win both games to play in the finals. For me this season has been great. The team I am part of is a great group of people who really got the game. We had a number of people who could teach the newer players, and I actually offered a few tips here and there too.

The first game was against a team we had only beaten by one point. They have one player that is awesome on defence. Actually, he is just awesome since he just got back from playing in the worlds, but he is especially awesome on D. Any time I was handling for this game I checked where he was and avoided throwing to that location. The rest of the team, for the most part, did the same.

I ran hard, played hard, and threw well. I also wasn’t afraid to layout. Near the beginning of the game my check broke away from me for the end zone and the thrower hucked it hard. We both chased after the disc with him one step ahead of me. I could see he was going to catch it, so I gave it my all and at the last possible moment dove for it. With a big swat I knocked the disc out of the air as he was reaching for it. Thankfully the grass was soft and I didn’t hurt anything with my dive and roll.

During the first game I also had a few good diving catches. I was catching well this game and I was proud of that.

One zoned offense when I was handling we were swinging the disc well, but not making much progress up field. I got the disc and I could see one of our players in the end zone, open from everyone. The only way to get it to him was a hammer. I threw it up, and it was perfect. It arced perfectly and landed in his hands with little movement from him.

Nearing the end of the game we were tied 12-12. Universe point, just like the last time we played this team. I headed off the field and sent another team mate on. Moments later he called me back. The captain called a set line and I was one of the players she wanted on. We worked the disc up field when we got possession, but that one player was always lurking, waiting for his chance to D block the disc.

I passed to one of the women handlers, she took one look, and one of our long strikers broke for a sideline. The tough D player didn’t follow. The handler put up the disc, the striker caught it, and we won!

Game two was going to be a much more difficult game. We played the team earlier in the season, and somehow managed to beat them. Once we started we were shocked at how relentless they were. Quickly we were down 3-0 and our egos were shattered. Time to rebuild and get moving.

On one of our pulls, it was a high hanging pull that dropped in the far right corner. I booted down the field and saw where the first pass was going. I pushed as hard as I could to intercept and came oh so very close. The recipient was visibly shaken that I had got there so quickly and was so close to intercepting. After a couple more throws there was a turnover and we capitalized for out first point.

Unfortunately no matter how hard I tried we kept getting beat. Our teams morale dipped, then someone went on a beer run and that was the end of our game. We had a good time, but we were not running nearly hard enough. We ended up losing 13-4.

At the end of the night I was drained, sweaty, dirty and sore. It was a great season full of hard played ultimate. Definitely one of my favourite summer league seasons. Next week the finals are being played, and I think our team is going to play another for a fun game for third/fourth spot. Time to figure out another source of exercise.