Bundled Flames

On Saturday night we bundled up and headed down to the foot of Cook St to watch the Island Equipment Owners Association’s Lighted Truck Parade. This parade is an annual thing, and Sue, Elliot, and I really enjoy it. It’s hard to tell if Amy likes it.

The lead up to the parade is hilarious because a few minutes before the trucks arrive, we start seeing lots of motorcycle police zip by with lights going. They move up in advance to block off the roads. Traffic coming down Cook gets quite confused by being forced to turn around and find a different route. Endless entertainment as more than a few drivers were lectured by the officer.

Then the trucks showed up. Wow, these guys do an amazing, amazing job of decorating their trucks. Some of them had huge trailers that were equally decked out. They do drive fairly quickly along the route, honking their horns the entire way. If you live in Victoria, and haven’t seen it, you really should make the effort next year.

This was new this year. Flames shooting out of the pipes!

There is something about this one that makes it my favorite every year.