Show Burgers

Last Saturday Sue and I got out to see Wil play at Lucky Bar. We’ve seen him many times now, and every time I love the show. He is such a strong performer with a great stage presence. He is very appreciative of the audiences support of his music, and music in general. Add in the fact that his music is outstanding and we have the setting for a good evening.

To top it off we invited a couple friends to come see him too. The play was to take in the show, then head up to Bin4 for half price burgers. Part way through the show it suddenly dawned on me that they might not like the music as much as we do. I was a little worried, but then I saw them dancing along and figured they weren’t hating it and I relaxed a bit.

The show covered lots of his older material, as well as his newer stuff. He has such a powerful voice and so much energy. Most of the way through his set he called for a couple shots of Tequila. For the encore he played the 4 String Song.

Perfect way to end the show.

After grabbing our jackets we headed up to Bin4 for some delicious burgers a drink, and some catching up. Then the night was done. We managed to grab a taxi pretty quickly and managed to zip home in no time flat.

All in all a very adult evening, something that Sue and I are getting to enjoy a little more frequently.