Spewing Dangerous

I got out for a ride today. I wasn’t really feeling like riding when I work up this morning, but I had planned to ride with a friend, so went anyway. The weather yesterday was very tempermental, alternating between lots or rain, wind, sun. The day started out alright, but as I pulled into the parking lot at the dump, it started to rain again.


Quickly getting ready, we hit the trails. Neither of us were feeling that into riding, so we decided on a short loop up to Snakes and Ladders.



Coming down Snakes and Ladders, there is one sort of awkward gap jump that I had never tried before, and today I decided to give it a go. I hesitated as I approached (bad idea), but went for it any way. Turned out that hesitation cost me a bit of momentum, and I didn’t quite clear a rock. I tapped it, and when I landed hear an all together too familiar sound of air escaping. Normally getting a flat wouldn’t be too big of a deal, but this is a tubeless tire on a brand new wheel. Less than two months old.


Argh. I quickly stopped to asses the damage and was pretty dismayed by what I saw. A large gash, sealant spewing everywhere. I grabbed a tube and fixed the tire, all the while cursing myself. Soaked, cold, muddy, standing in the rain fixing a flat. Lovely. I got the wheel back together, then went to put my cold, soaking wet gloves on before deciding to ride back barehanded.


Here is the damage after cleaning up the bike back at the truck.

gash in tire


I also really need to replace the front tire too. It is badly worn, and when leaning over in hard corners I can really feel it wash out. Bad enough in dry conditions, but in the wet this is getting dangerous.


tire with missing knobs
Old front tire

Sigh, off to the bike shop this week I guess.